Noble Construction specializes in Explosives & Demolition product supply (powder, caps and associated products), offering expertise in open pit blasting, trenching, and concrete demolition for mining and agricultural projects. Our comprehensive training includes surface and underground explosive safety courses, as well as a stretch gas detonator safety course, ensuring safe storage, transportation, and use of explosives. With a commitment to precision and safety, Noble Construction is your trusted partner for efficient and secure explosive and demolition solutions, backed by expert training in the responsible handling of materials.

MINING● Open pit blasting● Trenching● Raise rounds● Drift rounds● Sump blasting● Concrete Demolition
AGRICULTURAL● Beaver houses and dams● Surface trenching (drainage)● Stones/rocks● Dug outs● Stumps TRAINING
Surface Explosive Safety Course● Safe storage● Transportation● USE
Underground Explosive Safety Course● Safe Storage● Transportation● USE
Strech Gas Detonator Safety Course● Safe storage● Transportation ● USE