Noble Construction Corp. was created to service the Saskatchewan Mining Industry. Our underground industrial miners possess decades of experience in soft rock as well as hard rock mining and excavation. Our job-specific personnel hold and maintain up-to-date job specific training and various heavy equipment operator and excavator qualifications. This wealth of knowledge and experience provides our clients with the security that any project we engage in will be completed safely, on schedule and on budget. Our mining services include but are not limited to:

PRODUCT CONVEYANCE SYSTEMS – COMPLETE INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF:● drive units● head pulley/tail pulley● transfer systems● idler frames● idlers● take-ups● belting● all associated electrical and electrical feed
UNDERGROUND DEWATERING SYSTEMS – INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF:● feed pumps● sediment and feed tanks● high-pressure upwell pumps (REDA)● HDPE feed piping● high pressure discharge piping● all associated electrical and instrumentation 
VENTILATION, REHAB AND GROUND CONTROL● air door installation● bratticing and fan set-up● alpine miner operation● scoop tram operation● rock bolting, screening and chipping● remote controlled Husqvarna excavation● all associated electrical and instrumentation