Wednesday May 10, 2017

Noble Construction's Janitorial Supervisors are proud to recognize the first employees of the Janitorial Exceptional Worker of the quarter. Every 3 months an employee from each janitorial site is chosen for this award. The winners for our first award are Sara Walker, Rhonda Shick and Blair Yaganiski.

Rhonda Shick is being recognized due to her dependability (willing to work Fridays) and ability to rearrange her schedule to help with productivity of the work place. She has allowed time to sign FLRA's and help out with minor supervisor rolls when the supervisor cannot be present. Rhonda is always willing to help out other workers when needed. - Chantelle Earnshaw



Blair Yaganiski is being recognized because of his ability to help others as well as the training and advice he gives based off of his many years of experience. Blair has offered his help to both the supervisor and other members of the crew whether it be in the physical sense or coming up with ideas to achieve the work goals easier. Blair is extremely safety orientated which allows him to set a great example when following site or Noble safety procedures as well as participating in safety meetings and OHC.  - Shaquyll Clark


 Sara Walker is being recognized for coming in early to fill out her FLRA. She gets along with the client as well as her coworkers. Sara has an eye for safety, for example if someone forgets to put out a wet floor sign she recognizes the hazard and makes people aware of the hazard. The quality of her work is very high. - Nathan Vermeersch



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