Thursday February 18, 2021

You can book your virtual seats now for these upcoming St. John Ambulance First Aid courses (through our exclusive Online Classroom method):


  • March 16-17 2021 (option of 1 day Emergency First Aid/CPR/AED, or 2 day OHS Standard First Aid CPR/AED)


Receive recognized St. John Ambulance First Aid Training from the comfort of your own home!

For more information or to book your virtual seat, email us at:


Be sure to check out this video on the proper use of a non-medical mask or face covering: COVID-19: How to wear a non-medical mask or face covericang properly (video) - Canada.


In Other News

On November 4th, 2020, Noble Construction Corp was announced as a finalist of The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) DEMOday 2020 event. The technology presented by NCC was the Noble VR Mine Safety Training System (Noble VR MSTS).

On December 1st, 2020, NCC was one of five supply chain companies who were provided with the opportunity to present their technologies to a panel of experts from IMII member companies including BHP, Cameco, K+S Potash, Mosaic and Nutrien. For more information on the Noble VR MSTS, email us at:



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