Over the past year we have been working very closely with Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT) and the SIIT governing body, Saskatchewan Indian Training Assessment Group (SITAG).  Paul Chomos, Noble Construction HSE Manager, is currently providing mining specific training to SIIT students around our province. This training course was developed by Noble Construction and specifically addresses training required for the mining sector.  This 3-day course is delivered at each SIIT training center as part of the Mining Industry Pre-Employment Program that SIIT offers for their students.

In addition to our work with SIIT, Kevin Kirkwood, Noble Construction Human Resources Manager, has been appointed to the SITAG Steering Committee.  Noble Construction now has a voice and can help in the development of First Nations training initiatives that will enable First Nations peoples to be better prepared as they move into employment opportunities, not only in mining, but in any sector they choose.

Noble Construction is extremely proud of our approach to First Nations engagement and how we have progressed over the past year(s).  We have seen some initiatives that have not always provided success, but have used those instances as learning lessons to ensure we continue to move in the right direction.  We truly believe that by taking small steps and creating strong relationships in both First Nation’s government and local communities we will continue to make a meaningful impact.